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As the leading coffee exporter in Africa, Ethiopia produces 39% of the continents coffee following close are Uganda and Cote d’ivoire being third and fourth producing 23% and 13% respectively.
Ethiopia being the fifth largest coffee exporter in the world, has exported 854.2 million dollars worth of 

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We are one of the finest Ethiopian coffee, oil seeds and pulses exporter. Ethiopia is well known for agricultural products that have flavor and nutritional value as they are mostly produced organically and farmers don’t use improved seeds. For instance, Ethiopia is one of the centers of biodiversity for several oil seeds which can be considered as specialty high value seeds on the international market.

All Our Goods are Inspected and are free from Dead or alive insects, weevils and fumigated prior shipment.


Red Kidney Beans

Pinto Beans

Sesame Seed


green mung bean

Castor Seed

Niger seed

sesame seed

humera sortex cleaned quality





Soya bean

sesame seed


red sprinkled kidney beans

White kidney beans

Black Bean

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